Meet the Visionaries Behind C2JOY (M) SDN BHD 

"The more you give, the more Allah will bless you. Nothing shared is ever lost. Everything in assistance of others returns to you with multiple blessings."

To be properly introduced to C2JOY (M) SDN BHD is to learn about the individual(s) who had the unique vision to start it in the first place. Industry experience, business acumen and relentless drive led C2joy Brand to create C2JOY (M) SDN BHD.

C2JOY (M) SDN BHD includes an innovative, dynamic, and experienced team dedicated to changing lives around the world through the introduction of unique, leading-edge products and services and a rewarding independent business opportunity. Under their direction, C2JOY (M) SDN BHD innovates consumer driven products and services that will ensure long-term success and financial stability.

Mr. Alvin Hiew

Founder of C2Joy Colostrum

Founder PT. Tunas Duta Cemerlang (Indonesia)

Founder PT.Daddy Point (Indonesia)

Founder C2joy (M) Sdn Bhd

Founder Digital Joy Platform

     I as the Founder of C2JOY colostrum milk and also PT.Tunas Duta Cemerlang Indonesia, started marketing C2JOY in Indonesia in 2008, now C2JOY has become a super brand in Indonesia.


     Now C2Joy colostrum milk in Indonesia we market in DigitalJoy Marketplace in Indonesia, distributed by PT.Daddy Point Indonesia.

In Malaysia, C2JOY has been marketed since 2016, since today C2JOY has become the number one colostrum brand in Malaysia. C2JOY (M) Sdn Bhd is a distributor officially appointed by PT. Tunas Duta Cemerlang in Indonesia.


    The C2Joy formula sold through C2JOY (M) Sdn Bhd is guaranteed to be original from me as its original Founder. Make sure you buy the original formula and sold since 2008, because the C2Joy trademark is also used by third parties in Malaysia whose name is the same but the formulation is not the same.

    Puan AL-ARABI is the Managing Director of C2JOY (M) Sdn Bhd and is also the founder of C2JOY in Malaysia since 2016, she has a great service and representative to raise the name of C2Joy in Malaysia.


    Hopefully C2JOY under the management of Puan Al Arabi Mohamed will keep the original quality and can benefit the entire community in Malaysia. Beware of colostrum milk being rebranding under the name C2JOY, I as the Founder of C2JOY do not really allow any Third Party to be able to rebranding C2Joy colostrum milk. Drink C2Joy colostrum milk which is only original from C2JOY (M) SDN BHD.

Thank you.

Al Arabi Binti Mohamed

Founder Real Momentum Solution 2010-2021

Founder Tunas Duta Cemerlang Sdn Bhd 2016-2019

Founder Kerabu Media & Event Sdn Bhd

Founder C2joy (M) Sdn Bhd

     I am a Co-Founder and mover to manage the sale of C2JOY colostrum milk in Malaysia. Starting in 2016-2019 with a former partner under Syarikat Tunas Duta Cemerlang Sdn Bhd. Next, it was given the mandate to market again at the end of 2020 on a net court order in accordance with Malaysian law.


   Now C2Joy colostrum milk is re-marketed according to the marketplace in Malaysia, distributed by C2joy (M) Sdn Bhd. In Malaysia, C2JOY has been marketed since 2016, until today C2JOY has become the number one colostrum brand in Malaysia.


    Hopefully C2JOY in Malaysia will continue to benefit most people and provide business opportunities to the people in Malaysia. I will ensure that the RnD process and documentation on the quality of C2joy brand colostrum milk is maintained and safe to drink.


   Thanks also to all who have bought and traded with this c2joy product. I appreciate your presence by giving a reasonable price compared to the usual. The presence of C2joy is a milk premium to provide health and finance for entrepreneurs or traders. Like our slogan "Together We Are Strong, Together We Are Success".